5 Benefits Of Initial Coin Offering You Didn’t Know About


We are not fully aware of the fact that we are surrounded by technology. There is nothing more important than technology in our daily life. Without technology, we see nothing, and we do nothing.

The office you work in or the phone you use are gifts of technology. Besides, we use the internet for access to every piece of information we need. In addition, You cannot neglect that Blockchain is the most exciting technology that has offered us Cryptocurrency.

Moreover, Initial coin offering (ICO) is the process of Blockchain technology, becoming the new trend in the Crypto market. After Cryptocurrency came into the market, it is now time for ICO to rule the market.

Investors are getting more confident daily and are eager with the offerings of Cryptocurrency. With the increasing confidence of Crypto investors, the ICO market is getting hyped with a greater rate of return.

This is why you will also need to consider the crypto boom in your trading process to make it more exciting for the future of your trading journey.

What Is An Initial Coin Offering?

This article is based on the ICO and its benefits. We are eager to help you with useful information regarding ICOs. If you want to know the benefits of ICOs, you have to understand the basics of ICOs so far.

An initial Coin Offering is quite similar to the Initial Public Offering in the Cryptocurrency industry. When a company is eager to evolve any app or service or product or even Crypto coin, they try to raise funds from investors and this process is called ICO.

Apart from IPO, ICOs coins can be used as a utility for services and software.

Benefits Of Initial Coin Offering

ICOs are seen to be easy to use, and thus it becomes easy also for fraudulent activities. Numerous ICOs turned out to be frauds, and thus we need to be prepared for that and do proper market research before flying into it.

There are several benefits of ICO, and among them, most adjectives are here for you.

1. Accessible To Everyone

The token launch of ICOs differs from the IPOs and equity sales. According to the 1934 Security Exchange Act, ICOs are related to extensive regulations and thus can be managed as sales for digital keys.

Investors who have more than £ 0.83 million will be able to participate in the ICOs. You can also sell the tokens that are already sold to the ICO, and this process becomes possible due to the

The anonymity of this process.

2. Global Selling

ICOs are global, and investors from any corner of the planet can invest their coins into an ICO. on the other hand, it will not be possible with IPOs. For instance, if the IPO account starts reviving various wire transactions in a few minutes, the bank will freeze the account.

On the other hand, tokens of ICO can be used easily and with the distributed ledger of Cryptocurrency.

3. Token Economy Liquidity Premium

When a token is sold in the ICO, the particular token has a fixed value, and across the globe, this particular value is maintained and acceptable as well. On the other hand, the process of IPOs and their values are not fixed.

In the IPO investment process, the investors have to wait for even years to get their value added to the particular company. In contrast, the token economy liquidity premium helps the investors of ICO to take part immediately.

4. Instant Buy-In

There is no existence of intermediates between a buyer and seller in the process of coin distribution for ICOs when a particular coin or ICO is launched in the market, that can be immediately sold to the investors.

On the other hand, IPOs are labor-intensive processes and cannot be done immediately.

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5. Less Barrier To Entry

For technological purposes, IPOs depend on the technical hub Silicon Valley. The main place for such financial offerings is generally seen to be fixed to a particular street of investment.

On the other hand, ICO tokens can be used by anyone from anywhere in the world. There is no particular place to consider, and ICOs can trust any investor they want with minimal criteria.

Go For A Creative New Approach.

ICOs are the new and creative approach that modern investors are giving their attention to. Besides the potential downside and trust issues with ICOs, the above-mentioned benefits are clear in their actual sense and are practical as well.

Follow these benefits and flame in the comment box with your insights about the benefits that we have shared so far.

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