5 forms of homework in Australia

Studying in Australia, at least 50% of the time students are doing homework to catch up with due. In addition to the blue sky and ultraviolet rays in Australia, there are also various quiz, test, essay, assignment, group project, presentation in Australia… These various assignments are good friends who accompany you to pass the time and are the battlefield for you to pursue Pass!

Generally speaking, the common forms of homework in Australia include essay, report, completing practice questions, group assignment, and presentation.


Essay is the most common form of homework in Australia, and it is also the most common homework for international students.

Essay is a small paper, requiring students to search for reference materials by themselves, extract their conclusions and contents as evidence in your paper, and extract your point of view from it, and then write in your own language, no plagiarism. This kind of article is shorter and simpler than report. This form of homework can accompany students almost throughout their study abroad career, so it is necessary for international students in Australia to exercise and improve their writing skills.


A report is also a paper, but a more professional paper, and it is one of the most time-consuming forms of homework. This form of homework has long troubled students studying humanities and economics and management. Whenever a report needs to be submitted, students need to frantically read a bunch of literature, and then complete a report of about 3000 words. Even some special majors, such as educational social work, do not have an exam at the end of the semester, so they rely on writing papers to get scores. Reports for engineering majors also need experimental data as support, so it is recommended that international students in engineering majors learn excel well, so that they can do calculations, obtain the required datamore efficiently, and improve the efficiency of writing reports.

The report requirements are high – the grammar and vocabulary in the paper must be used properly, and the duplicates must be checked. This is a great test of the English level. After writing a few reports, some students can increase their IELTS writing by at least 1 point.

Generally speaking, a good report needs to be conceived at least 1 month in advance, finalized 2 weeks in advance, and then revised 3 times by the teacher.

Completing practice questions

Competing practice questions is generally an assignment only for students of science and engineering departments, and it can be regarded as the privilege of students of science and engineering departments. After answering the questions, students can directly scan the answers and upload them to learnline.

This kind of homework is relatively simple and not too time-consuming, so it can be regarded as a relatively simple form of homework. However, liberal arts students usually do not have the opportunity to do this kind of homework.

Group work

Group work are commonly known as group assignments in Australia. This is an assignment that many international students love and hate.

The advantage of group work is that you can get to know many friends and exercise your teamwork ability. However, this form of homework also has many disadvantages. First of all, it is difficult to clearly define the division of labor in group work; secondly, the level and quality of team members are uneven. Therefore, in many cases, it is difficult to complete group assignments happily, and even unfair and unreasonable phenomena may appear.

Therefore, if you want to obtain a relatively high average score or a relatively good final grade, you must be cautious when choosing a group assignment teammate! Otherwise, you are likely to spend a lot of time and energy to complete the homework of several people alone, and then others will steal the fruits of your labor.


When it comes to presentation, this must be the form of homework that many students are most afraid of. In some countries, such as China, such public speaking opportunities are rare, but in Australia, this form is very common.

Presentation is to ask students to tell everyone their ideas, and it usually takes about 10-30 minutes.

The teacher will assign topics to everyone in advance. Students only need to prepare the content of the speech in advance and make a PPT. But pay attention, the content of the speech must be concise! concise! concise!

When encountering this kind of homework, even if you are so nervous before going on stage, you must give yourself very strong psychological hints. In order to relieve the tension, you must practice more in your spare time so that you can memorize the entire speech… Do it a few times, and it will be much better later!

Of course, in addition to these forms of homework, Australia also has a variety of homework forms, such as shooting short videos, modeling, designing, programming… For most students, these assignments are a challenge, but it is undeniable that they also exercise the students’ abilities well, allowing students to master more skills in the process of doing homework.

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