HINSON and Sons – The Originals and the New Ones

You’ve probably heard of HINSON and sons before, but did you know that there are two different versions of the Hinsons? The original ones, and the new ones. The difference between the two lies in the names. The original Hinsons are much more famous. The new ones, on the other hand, are much more contemporary and relevant.

The Original Hinsons

The Original Hinsons are an American gospel music group founded by Dr. Larry Hinson. The group formed in 1967. In 2006, they were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Before forming The Original Hinsons, Larry Hinson served as a pastor in North Little Rock, AR. For six years, he also served as a professor of biblical studies at Golden State School of Theology. He earned his doctorate in theology in 2007 from the North Carolina College of Theology. He also continues his studies with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, which is accredited by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

During his career, Hinson has toured across the world. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and to sell out crowds. He has also appeared on TV shows such as Gospel Singing Jubilee and P.T.L. Club, as well as the Grand Ole Opry. His songs have also been included in several Gaither videos.

Ronny Hinson is perhaps best known for his song “The Lighthouse.” Written in 1970, it has become a gospel standard, and still remains one of the most recorded songs in the genre. The group co-hosted the television show “The Gospel Singing Jubilee” from 1973 to 1980, and for over a year, four of their songs appeared in the top ten monthly southern gospel charts. Their concert style was characterized by its evangelistic nature, which was different from that of many professional gospel groups.

Although “Tulla” is not a new song for the Hinsons, its popularity has only grown in recent years. Its video depicts the group singing in Tula, Oklahoma. The song has been covered by other groups and is still one of their most popular songs. The Original Hinsons are a notable southern gospel music group, and many fans will recognize the group’s most popular songs.

Weston and Christy Hinson’s first full-time ministry was gospel music. They felt God’s endorsement immediately. Since then, they have seen souls saved, lives transformed, and resources provided to help them fulfill their ministry goals. Their values are clear: they are dedicated to serving God by performing gospel music.

The New Hinsons

The New Hinsons are an American gospel music group founded by Bo Hinson. They first performed as Bo Hinson and Purpose and later renamed themselves as The New Hinsons. During the 1990s, they were successful, and two of their songs, “Speak the Word, Lord” and “Oasis”, reached the top spot on the country music charts. “Oasis” was also listed as the number one song for the year 1996. In addition, it was named the sixth best song by Paul Heil.

The Hinsons’ songwriting style and influence can be traced back to their roots. The group was initially a Southern Gospel group, and it gained fame by performing gospel songs at revival services. However, their name has changed over the years, as they have become more popular. They have recorded several albums since their inception, and have toured extensively.

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