How Can Companies in London Promote Healthy Lifestyle of Their Employees

Employed adults spend approximately half of their waking hours working. Even with free weekends, there’s often not enough time to balance family, friends, personal life, and a healthy lifestyle. 

But the good news is that companies can make things easier for their employees. There are several ways to promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. Here’s how companies can help their staff stay healthy and fit!

Organize Mobile IVs to Boost Employees’ Immunity

Imagine this scenario – your entire team is working on a huge project. It involves staying longer hours and putting in more effort than usual. However, it will be beneficial for the company and, therefore, the employees.

If the working schedule is so busy the employees don’t have a lot of time for recovery, how about securing a natural energy boost for them? You can find IV vitamin therapy London experts ready to come to your office and replenish everyone’s energy with a nutrient blend. Depending on the requirements, you can pick from all-around wellness, rehydration, and other IV types suitable for hard-working employees.

Make Healthy Eating Options More Accessible During Working Hours

With eight hours being the average working time, the odds are employees will eat at least once in the office. If there’s a long list of tasks to finish, they might not have enough time for a break. That often results in ordering fast food or resorting to unhealthy snacks.

If you want to show you care as a company, try to make healthy eating options more accessible. Here’s what you can do:

  • Secure a healthy lunch for your staff. If it fits the company’s budget and you value your workers, how about securing a healthy lunch? Alternatively, try to partner with a health-focused restaurant or a catering business to offer discounts to your employees.
  • Offer healthy snacks. These could be fruit bowls or snacks like nuts and almonds. They should be easily accessible, and it’s also important to remove unhealthy options from vending machines. That way, your staff has a variety of choices that promote health.
  • Place a fridge and a secluded area to eat. Refrigerators are important since they allow taking food from home. Each office should have an improvised kitchen or another area where employees can eat peacefully. A microwave is another neat addition to this zone.

Organize the Workplace for the Employees to Move More

Does your company have sedentary workers that spend most time by the computer or behind a desk? Try to find ways to encourage them to move more. Orienting your worksite layout in a way that promotes walking can help employees avoid staying sedentary for long periods of time, which can contribute to a number of health issues.

You can also take steps to encourage biking or walking to work. Provide bike storage options and changing rooms for those who use bicycles to come to work. You can even offer incentives if someone walks or rides a bicycle to the office regularly.

Place a Gym or an Exercise Zone within the Company

It’s a basic idea but one that many companies fail to put into practice. If you have the space, choose an area to designate as a workspace. It’s enough to add a few dumbbells, mats, and exercise machines. This offers an area in which your employees can use their breaks for physical activity. If the work tends to be demanding and your staff often stays late, consider a relaxation area, too.

You can take things a step further and get a professional coach or nutritionist for your employees. They can measure the staff’s body mass index (BMI) and offer help with adjusting nutrition and workout routines. You should note that it is important to offer these services on a voluntary basis.  While you can offer incentives for those who join, you don’t want it to seem like you are forcing your staff to participate.

Focus on Team Building Activities That Promote Health

Team building is important to build a positive atmosphere and create a bond between the employees. While choosing an activity, try to include something that promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

For example, you can all go hiking around popular trails in your area. Some other suggestions include rock climbing, playing sports like soccer or basketball, or heading to a mountain for a ski weekend. Pick an activity based on your employees’ profiles.  When choosing an activity, it’s important to take any mobility limitations into consideration.

Final Thoughts

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. And showing you care about your staff’s well-being will strengthen the bond they have with the company. It’s a win-win situation that will result in increased employee engagement and loyalty. That’s a smart approach to taking the business forward while doing something good for your staff!

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