Is it easy to move to Portugal from the UK?

Is Portugal one of your main destinations for relocation until Brexit? You may have probably thought that moving to Portugal from the UK is almost impossible now because of it, but this isn’t the case. Though you might be unsure about your options following Brexit, Portugal still remains a go-to destination for many ex-pats and immigrants wanting to settle.

Contrary to many’s initial opinions, Portugal actually houses over 20 000 nationals of the UK. There are many good reasons why people usually want to visit, travel or settle permanently in Portugal. Apart from its fair and warm climate, it’s also packed with pleasant tourist areas and natural landscapes. Beyond that, Portugal is also popular for its low crime rate and affordable living costs.

 Not only that, but the country also ranked third globally as one of the most peaceful countries in the world after ranking fourth in 2019 as well. Anyone who wants to pursue a simple way of life would find Portugal an ideal destination because of its chill environment, rich culture, and lovely people packed into one.

If you’re planning to relocate to Portugal at the soonest possible time, you may want to consider hiring a London immigration lawyer to help you with your needs. The tricky process of immigration combined with the concerns for Brexit can make it a nerve-racking and mentally-draining situation to handle, which is why it’s best if you have the assistance of an expert. Immigration attorneys are well-versed in legal terms, so they can help explain the entire process for you to understand it more.

Besides this, they can also help you manage the requirements and documents you need for your application to relieve you of the unwanted stress and hassle. Their advice makes your immigration experience smoother and easier, ensuring you have a comfortable stay in your new home.

Is moving to Portugal easy?

The news of the UK’s disassociation from the EU might have left many aspiring immigrants or ex-pats rattled about their chances of moving to Portugal easily, but this is just a baseless worry. In fact, Portugal has some of the most easily-acquired requirements among all the EU nations. This means that while there are specific restrictions, you still have the freedom to settle into the country permanently and buy land or property at the same time.

Moreover, you’re also allowed to spend around 90 to 180 days in Portugal without relying on a visa for entry purposes. EU passports tend to suffice if you want to move to the country. However, if you are unlucky enough to acquire one, you’ll need a residency visa for that. You don’t have to worry, though, especially since Portugal makes obtaining a visa as easy as it seems.

When it comes to the language barrier, you can relax a little since English is also widely spoken in the country. This makes the process of obtaining natural citizenship quite easy compared to other countries.

Getting visas in Portugal

One of the most popular yet sought-after visa options in Portugal is the golden visa. The golden visa basically lets you acquire a residence as a trade for investing in the country. This investment can even be a property that you’re residing in.

Even so, it’s worth noting that the golden visa isn’t only the only form of residency visa and isn’t quite the best option either, despite its popularity. The D7 visa is the most recommendable and is specifically targeted at individuals who possess an income like pensions and have the financial capacity to sustain themselves. However, incomes aren’t only limited solely to pensions since remote job salaries are also commonly acceptable. D2 visas are also preferable for individuals whose main goal is to kickstart their business in Portugal.

In a nutshell, there are many different kinds of visas you can apply for. Make sure to understand what each kind of visa requires and apply for the one that best caters to your interests and current circumstances.

Deciding on Residency

As mentioned earlier, the prospect of buying or renting a property in Portugal is basically a straightforward experience. But while this is true, you still have to establish a specific set of requirements for the area you want to live in ideally. Keep in mind that this is where you’ll have to come home for the next days of your life, and you want that to be an area where you feel comfortable and safe the most.

If you want to live in an area where there’s mainly fair weather throughout, you might consider Lisbon. The North area tends to have warm and beautiful summers, but they equally have damp and cold winters, which may be a poor choice to make. You’d also want to reside in a residency where there are ex-pats or immigrants as well so that you can cope with your relocation better.

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