Over 50 Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2022

New hair warning! Celebrities never seem afraid to alter their looks, whether with a radical haircut, hair extensions, or a test run of a wacky hue. And their tresses always look fantastic, owing to the help of Hollywood’s top stylists and colorists.

Celebs made a point to unveil what are sure to be some of the most significant trends of 2022. Many styles make a statement, including bobs, vivid colors, and powerful red hues.

Lea Michele is a good example. The 35-year-old actress requested a blunt bob from hairstylist Tommy Buckett. Undoubtedly it will be popular in a few months. The Glee alum has been sporting long hair for a while, so the “huge shift” is a significant adjustment.

Celebrities seem to have decided to experiment with nearly every color out there. This year, Chrissy Teigen was all about a slight change. 

She debuted a shoulder-length haircut and turned a little bit blonder with the help of hairdresser Luke Pluck Rose.

Despite the slight difference, fans were shocked by her new appearance since they noticed a strong likeness between Khloé Kardashian and the author of Cravings. 

One user commented, “I assumed this was Khloé Kardashian,” while another, “Whoa! This is what Khloé thought.” Another person chimed in, “Is this the Khloe Kardashian filter?”

Khloé hasn’t changed her hair color yet this year, but another family member has undergone a significant makeover. In January, Penelope Disick, her niece, made her TikTok debut with a striking red tint. The young girl captured every step of the hair coloring process in a video shot to the “To the Salon” music. 

Penelope demonstrated that she was well on becoming a beauty icon by getting painted in her living room, washing away the dye, and blowing out her strands.

She has worn fiery colors before, though the red shade may be her most daring yet. The daughter of Kourtney Kardashian first introduced a shade like this in April 2021.

Continue scrolling to view all these styles and more of 2022’s tress makeovers. Because Us Weekly’s Stylish has compiled the year’s most fabulous looks, from Paris Hilton to Nicki Minaj, below.

Cara Delevingne

See ya later, blonde! The supermodel ditched her light-colored locks for golden brown tresses. The runway star unveiled her new look, thanks to hair extensions from Great Lengths, at her Cara Loves Karl collection celebration during Paris Fashion Week in September 2022.

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Kristen Stewart

Farewell, Blonde! The Spencer actress debuted an edgy brown haircut at the Chanel spring/summer 2023 catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week in October 2022 after months of sporting brightly colored hair. 

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Dean McDermott

The Badland Wives actor admitted he cut off his hair to help a buddy. 

In September 2022, he said on Instagram, “I shaved my head to bring awareness and support for my friend and Warrior @elissakalver who is busting diseases ASS!!,” adding that he’s throwing a golf tournament in November to raise money for cancer research. 

“Join us, give, or assist in sponsoring. Everybody’s life is impacted by cancer. Let’s make everyone’s battle with cancer a little bit easier.”

Jason Momoa

Just shave it! In September, the Game of Thrones actor shaved off his hair. He used the chance to inform his Instagram followers about the significance of eliminating single-use plastics by altering his recognizable appearance, knowing that doing so would draw notice.

“These plastic bottles are getting on my nerves. We must cease using plastic forks and other such garbage. It simply enters our country, our water,” explained Momoa. “Just looking at the things in our ocean makes me sad. Do whatever you can to eradicate single-use plastics from your life, please.”

Tamron Hall

New season, new ‘do! For the fourth season premiere of The Tamron Hall Show, the journalist ditched her go-to black pixie cut in favor of a platinum blonde combover.

In September 2022, Hall posted a carousel of Instagram images with the caption “Golden Hour Glam.” 

Hairstylist Johnny Wright gave the TV star a fresh new style. In the caption of a picture of Hall’s makeover, he said, “Umm, it is a new season of the @tamronhallshow, right?! “

Doja Cat

A fresh start! In August 2022, the artist made her buzz-cut debut on Instagram Live while telling her followers that she “never enjoyed having hair.”

The “Say So” singer admitted to her fans that she was never supposed to have hair. “I detest wearing hair. I’ve never been a fan of hair. I can’t think of an instance from the beginning of my existence where I thought, “This is cool.” I just don’t like having hair.”

Ireland Baldwin

What a big chop! In August 2022, the model shared a platinum buzz cut with her followers on Instagram, saying, “I feel more gorgeous than ever.”

Over a picture of her new hairstyle, Baldwin wrote, “Do all things that scare you. Try things that people tell you you’ll never succeed at. Since I was 17, years of bleach, modeling, and bulls—t have damaged my hair. 

There needs to be a reset or a fresh start. Although I’ve always been afraid, I’ve always wanted to do this. I feel more gorgeous now because I don’t care what other people think.”

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Joey King

Imagine pink! At the Bullet Train premiere in Germany in July 2022, the actress debuted an edgy, pink asymmetrical bob.

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Maisie Williams

Buzzed beauty! In July 2022, the former cast member of Game of Thrones made his shaving debut on Instagram. 

Megan Fox

Legally blonde … and pink! At the debut of her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s Hulu documentary, Life in Pink, in July 2022, the actress switched her typically dark hair for platinum tresses with pink lowlights.

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Remi Bader

For the summer, go blonde! In an Instagram post from June 2022, the TikTok star waved goodbye to her dark mane and hello to lighter tresses.

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Stunning in pink! In June 2022, the singer debuted her brilliant fuchsia hairstyle with bouncy curls via Instagram.

Kim Kardashian

Icy gal! In May 2022, the reality personality switched from her trademark jet-black hair to a platinum blonde mane.

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Alabama Barker

Blonde to blue, then! In March 2022, the daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler went to The Hair Project to acquire 20-inch turquoise hair extensions. She wrote in the description of one of her Instagram photos only engaged in activities that would raise me.

Eiza Gonzalez

Unrecognizable! In March 2022, the actress changed her dark brown hair to platinum blonde to attend the Ambulance premiere in London.

Halle Berry

Take a cue from Storm in terms of fashion! At the Critics’ Choice Awards in March 2022, the actress revealed a new hairstyle that was obviously a nod to her X-Men persona.

Sofia Richie

Baby, go blonde! With some assistance from hairstylist Tauni Dawson, the model got rid of her deeper color. A March 2022 photo describes her Instagram Story, “Brunette no more .”

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January Jones

Throwback! In March 2022, the actress went to hairstylist Bridget Brager for a bowl cut. She uploaded a photo on Instagram with this message, “Revisiting my childhood self.”

Sydney Sweeney

Stunning new shade! In March 2022, the Euphoria star adopted the honey red hair trend just in time for the Film Independent Spirit Awards.


Blonde to blue! The musician debuted his new turquoise hairstyle on Instagram in March 2022, drawing comparisons from J Balvin to Papa Smurf. He titled his post “Frank River or Dank Ocean.”

Amanda Stanton

Brunette babe! In March 2022, The Bachelor alum visited hairstylist Chrissy Rasmussen for a color refresh.

She captioned an Instagram image, “The old Amanda can’t come to the phone right now.”


The dark side! In March 2022, the TikTok celebrity gave up her blonde shade in favor of a dark brown one. 

She just used a string of chocolate bar emojis as the description for her Instagram image.


Baby, go blonde! The Euphoria actress unveiled a lighter shade of hair in March 2022 after sporting red hair for a few months.

Victoria Paul

More inches! In February 2022, the former contestant of The Bachelor shared photos of her hair with and without extensions with her followers on Instagram. 

She captioned her picture, “Remember when Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries got a makeover.” 

She had her hair done by @realericvaugh and his team, I wager.

Katy Perry

It’s time for a shift! The American Idol judge switched from her jet-black shade to a bright blonde one in February 2022. “Oh my, we’re back! Year 20 and this szn, we’re PLATINUM,” she wrote in the description of an Instagram photo.

Kendall Jenner

Whoa! In preparation for the Prada fashion presentation during Milan Fashion Week in February 2022, the model dyed her black hair an orange tint.

Zoe Kravitz

Here for the fringe! During the London premiere of The Batman in February 2022, the actress sported baby bangs.

Nina Agdal

Short hair, I don’t care! The model decided to cut her incredibly long hair to shoulder length in February 2022. She unveiled her appearance on Instagram Stories.

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Nicole Scherzinger

Total transformation! The singer sought the help of hairstylist Dimitri Giannetos for a significant chop in early 2022. In an Instagram photo, she wrote, “This is your indication to try out a new haircut.”

Nicki Minaj

Bold and bright! In February 2022, the singer unveiled a scorching new ‘do and shared a photo of it on Instagram. She captioned her post, “Bussin.”

Chrissy Teigen

Goodbye blonde! The cookbook author chose a dark brunette color instead of her brighter highlights. 

In the Instagram photo from February 2022, she wrote, “Back to when we first met,” Feeling so rejuvenated.

Millie Bobby Brown

Pixie warning! The founder of Florence by Mills displayed her shorter hairstyle on Instagram in February 2022. She captioned her Instagram picture, “Love you a lot.”

Jennifer Aniston

Here for the fringe! In February 2022, the actress posted a photo on Instagram with Adam Sandler and debuted some new bangs.

“My friend and I return to work. #MurderMystery2, “She gave her post a caption.

Simu Liu

The actor posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram in February 2022 with the remark, “Sorry mom plz, don’t murder me,” revealing that he had bleached his hair bleach blond.

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Kerry Washington

New hair alert! In February 2022, the Scandal actor went to hairstylist Linda V for a fresh appearance. She titled her Instagram post “Fresh cut.” 

Billie Eilish

Back to the basics! From March 2019 to March 2021, the “Happier Than Ever” singer transitioned from golden blonde to jet black hair. 

“Did you miss me?” she said in the description of her February 2022 Instagram Stories.


New hair, who dis? The artist switched to a dark bob in place of her long blonde hair. She captioned her Instagram image from January 2022, “Haircut, nails, and s—t.”

Lili Reinhart

Short hair, I don’t care! In January 2022, the Riverdale actor requested a new hairstyle from hairstylist Adam Campbell. She titled her Instagram Story “Chop chop.”

Claire Foy

Seriously chic! The Crown actress made her blonde balayage debut at the Christian Dior fashion show in January 2022.

Britney Spears

Loving the lilac! In January 2022, the “Circus” singer revealed a purple shade on Instagram. 

She wrote in the description of her image, “Here’s me with purple hair. 

“OK, I’m bored. Very bored, so my nail technician advised doing it! Girl … 

I completed it, but I’m not sure if I like it. Here I am wearing my boots and a $100 little.”

Karlie Kloss

Goodbye blonde! In January 2022, the model debuted a deep brunette color. She wrote an Instagram photo caption, “After a decade of being a blonde, I finally went over to the dark side.

Emily Ratajkowski

The fiercest fringe. In January 2022, the model debuted a stylish set of wispy bangs. She wrote in an Instagram photo caption, “Twenty-twenty too.”

Hilary Duff

Long hair is not a concern! In January 2022, the How I Met Your Father actress asked hairstylist Nikki Lee for a few extra inches. 

My heart is whole, and it feels great to be out there again in the world promoting something I am proud of… with this enormous mane,” she wrote in an Instagram photo. “Glam with the best – it has been so much joy doing press for HIMYF,” she added.

Olivia Jade Giannulli

Brunette babe! In January 2022, the former contestant of Dancing With the Stars adopted a deeper tint. She captioned an Instagram photo, “Selfies with my hopefully temporary hair that was meant to wash off last week. Why the heck not?”

Bowen Yang

The Saturday Night Live comedian went to stylist Yu Nakata to bleach his hair. His January 2022 Instagram photo with the caption, “Normative queer semiotics would suggest that I am ______, but they would be wrong.”

Priyanka Chopra

Fresh start! Tracy Cunningham, a colorist, encouraged the actress from The Matrix Resurrections to adopt a caramel color in January 2022. 

She wrote in an Instagram pic, “New year, new hair.”

Chrissy Teigen

Hello, new look! After getting a cut and color from Luke Pluck Rose, the author sparked comparisons to Khloé Kardashian. “New cut! I know, I know, snip snap, snip snap,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram image from January 2022.

Lea Michele

Michele’s selfie with hairstylist Tommy Buckett has the message, “The first haircut I gave in 2022.” “I hope everyone this year is as gutsy to make a huge change as @leamichele.”

Paris Hilton

Think pink! On her honeymoon, the reality personality participated in arts & crafts while wearing a bubblegum pink wig. 

In an Instagram photo caption from January 2022, she wrote, “Kid at heart forever & ever.”

Nicki Minaj

During the year beginning, she made a pink and blonde color debut. She wished everyone a happy new year in the Instagram caption. 

I’m sending you and your family blessings, serenity, and healing energy.

Penelope Disick

Beauty queen! In January 2022, the TikTok celebrity debuted auburn locks.

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