Repercussions of excessive internet usage

Many of us would agree that the internet brings us many benefits in many ways. It is good for businesses and it is the best option for socializing without the need for meeting people in person. For people who suffer from social anxiety, the internet is a blessing for them as it minimalizes their interactions with people. In order to use the internet, you need to have a stable internet connection such as that of Xfinity to make sure you have the best internet experience. However, while the internet may seem like a place of ease, there are also some reasons that make the internet bad for you, especially if you use it excessively. Here are some ways that the internet might be harmful to you.

Addiction to the Internet

Unbelievably, people begin showing signs of addiction to the internet. Being without the internet gives them the feeling of withdrawal and they start experiencing other problems such as FOMO (Fear of missing out). There is a constant need amongst people to be more on the internet and due to this people completely stop associating with other people in person. People also begin showing signs of physical weakness such as a bad appetite, decreased social skills, and poor eyesight. Eventually, people also start getting distant from their family members and that itself is very problematic. Therefore, you should keep track of how much time you spend on the internet and should try not to overdo it.

Problems with sleep patterns

Many people have a tendency of using their cell phones most of the night. When they do this, it is very likely that they would be missing their sleep. This causes a lot of problems such as fatigue and insomnia. It also causes people to perform worse than they can and their brain just refuses to comply. A disturbed sleep pattern also has an effect on mental capacity and school students would generally have a very hard time trying to concentrate on their daily tasks. It should be necessary that one should manage their screen time so that they do not have to miss their sleep and their brain can function properly.

A depreciated self-image

Sometimes when you follow people who are models or influencers, you feel like your life is out of your control. In those cases, your mental health is affected and you start doubting yourself. The internet has a lot to do with mental health issues, which is why it is necessary to keep yourself at bay while you are using the internet. Even if you do have feelings like these, you should make sure you consult a therapist who could help you out with self-image issues. You only need to ensure you are confident about yourself and don’t allow things to affect you when they are not directly happening to you. The moment you feel like you are falling prey to depreciating self-image, make sure you reduce your time on the internet.

Reduced capacity of human interactions

There comes a time when you get very much used to talking to people on the internet and you lose your ability to talk to people in person. You face social anxiety and you have a hard time interacting with people. It is also necessary that you meet people in person so that you do not have to face such situations where it is difficult for you to talk to people. When you interact with people in person, you have an increased sense of confidence and people actually have a good time talking to you and interacting with you. Spending too much time on the internet makes you a charming person on the internet but in person, you come off as someone who is either very shy or is very rude to talking to other people. You should ensure that you spend more time with people so that you would get over the problem of not being able to interact in person. A fraction of you should still communicate via the internet and in order to get good internet such as Xfinity, you could always contact the Xfinity customer service for more information.

In conclusion

While the internet may be seen as a blessing, it could also potentially turn into something problematic for you. Therefore, you need to make sure you do not use the internet in excess so that you have your mental health all sorted out as well.

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