Top 10 Cannabis Dispensaries You Can Prefer In Canada

Canada is the only country that offers legal locations to smoke marijuana. While the cannabis industry in Canada got off to a bad start early on, business was booming. Statistics Canada reported that as of 2019, Canada’s cannabis sector added $8.26 billion to the country’s GDP. Listed below are the best online dispensary in Canada in 2022.

Top 10 Dispensaries In Canada

Ever since marijuana has been legal in Canada, dispensaries have been opening up all over the country. Knowing where to buy weed can be challenging whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned smoker. Here are some recommendations.

  1. Havok Smoke

This store offers curbside pickup and provides a wide range of choices when it comes to cannabis products. They have quality hemp, marijuana, and other accessories. It doesn’t matter if you are new to marijuana or not. The staff will help you get precisely what you’re looking for. The store is open 365 days a year, 24/7.

  • Canna Cabana

This is quite highly rated because of the friendly staff and various products. Canna Cabana also offers no-charge delivery services. Additionally, there is still in-store shopping, so you can peruse all the cannabis selections before making a choice and curbside pickup.

  • GetKush

They provide quality products and services at the lowest prices. They have a budget-friendly line that doesn’t sacrifice quality. They also give gifts with every order, including free shipping on orders over $129. Unlike the typical business that wants to boost profit and cut corners, GetKush thrives on saving consumers money. They also hold monthly contests with great prizes.

  • Spiritleaf

This store’s primary goal is to provide consumers with the best experience by providing a welcoming place to try their curated products. Although the store focuses on curbside pickups, they still have a caring staff who offer the best advice on product selections.

  • Bonfire

For people new to marijuana, this store would be a great start. The employees will take time and patiently answer your questions with patience and care. Bonfire also offers great weekly deals, and you can find more potent strains of cannabis at this store. So you can get better marijuana at a lower cost.

  • Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique & Dispensary

This charming store is recommended for a truly memorable experience. Each of its six stores has its personality and hosts unique aspects like patios, cannabis cocktail lounges, rosin pressing, or even infused cotton candy.

  • Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke offers in-store pickup as well as one-day delivery. Their employees are specialists in the product and are more than happy to explain their products if needed. The staff is friendly, and the decor is stylish.

  • Value Buds

This store has a stylish decor that is open and inviting to its customers. They have interactive LED screens in the store which offer information on the available products. But you can see the cannabis on display in glass cases near the cashiers if you want more info before deciding.

  • Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

Located near the Eaton Center, this dispensary is known for its comforting atmosphere. Take your time to browse through the various options in the store and seek help from the employees if you need some variety or recommendations. This store offers everything ranging from pre-rolls to healthy edibles.

  1. Your Local Cannabis

Located right in Scarborough, the store offers cheaper options for cannabis. Suppose you order online; it’s a quick curbside pickup. Cannabis is locally grown, so you can also help the community. Your Local Cannabis always puts its customers first, so the staff never turns down customer questions.

Rules And Policies

The most crucial thing to remember is that these stores are the only legal way to purchase cannabis. They typically display a seal in the window to indicate the Canadian government approves of them.

How Much Cannabis Can You Purchase In Canada?

No matter where you reside in Canada, you can legally possess and share (with other adults) only 30 grams of marijuana. If you’re trying to wrap your head around the quantity, it is more than 60 to 70 joints. Wherever you are in the country, it could cost anywhere between 200-400 dollars.

What Is The Legal Smoking Age?

In almost all provinces across Canada, the legal age to buy and consume cannabis is 19. Although in Alberta, the legal age is 18, the newly elected government in Quebec has now raised the minimum age to 21.

Can you smoke anywhere you want in Canada?

To date, nearly every province in Canada has banned smoking cigarettes and cannabis in indoor public spaces, public-transit facilities, and workplaces where smoking could occur.

In Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, the law states that people can smoke cannabis where they can smoke cigarettes.

Final Thoughts

Knowing which store works best for you can be challenging with so many dispensaries opening up. The list mentioned above of Canadian dispensaries will help you decide where to go the next time you want to buy some weed.

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