Visiting Rovinj: the Fishermen’s Village

Rovigno, Rovinj in Croatian, is a small seaside town of less than fifteen thousand inhabitants situated on the indented coastline halfway between Poreč and Pula. It is a dynamic and joyful town perched on a hill, with a historic centre that leads down to the sea.

Rovigno, Rovinj in Croatian, is a small seaside town of less than fifteen thousand inhabitants situated on the indented coastline halfway between Poreč and Pula. It is a dynamic and joyful town perched on a hill, with a historic centre that leads down to the sea. 

It is considered by many to be the most beautiful town on the Istrian coast thanks to its architectural style that shows Venetian influences, reflecting the strong historical bond between Croatia and Venice.

It is a city with all the possible and desirable facets of a leisure trip, whether you are an art history enthusiast or a fan of sea and boat trips. Rovinj is the ideal destination for every holidaymaker who wants to enjoy a holiday without missing out on anything.

A special, welcoming city

An interesting feature of Rovingo is that you can explore it by bike: there are numerous rental points, and the historic centre is so well-organised that it is impossible to get lost. Discovering the town on two wheels, armed with a detailed map, is a delightful way to immerse yourself in Rovinj and visit all its beauties at a leisurely pace.

Those accustomed to longer distances, on the other hand, can also discover the hinterland, venturing along the marked trails where many enjoy organizing excursions.

Things to do in Rovinj

For more affordable shopping, head to the Market, passing by the Green Market near the Historic Port. Here, you will find fresh fish and local products, but also the famous Istrian truffles, which are well worth sampling. For a romantic evening stroll, Rovinj offers the beauty of the old town, where cobblestones and narrow streets wind their way inland to the hill on which St. Euphemia stands: definitely a must-visit. 

More adventurous tourists, on the other hand, will find the area’s nightlife a viable alternative to daytime strolls or outdoor excursions. Rovinj is known for its numerous festivals and all the typical celebrations that attract many tourists. The festivals range from wine tastings to local dance evenings, providing also excellent opportunities to discover the local cuisine.

Seafoodfresh pasta and truffles are a must, as well as roasted suckling pig, homemade sausages and, for vegetarians, wild asparagus omelettes. These dishes pair perfectly with a good glass of red wine. And what about dessert? Don’t miss Povetica, Cukerancici (to be dipped in wine or grappa), and Frittole!

Beautiful beaches

Rovinj is a city known mainly for its beaches. It boasts 67 km of coastline and attracts many tourists each year. The variety of the landscape can satisfy even the most demanding tourists. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Rovinj and the surrounding area are:

  • Lone Bay: this is one of the best-known beaches in Rovinj, perfect for a family holiday, especially with children.
  • Baluota Beach: If you don’t want to stray far from the city, we recommend this beach because it is located right at the foot of the beautiful Church of St Euphemia, but above all because it has a peculiarity that makes it truly unique: at night it is illuminated, allowing you to take a romantic night swim.
  • Palù Beach: We recommend this beach if you love wilder landscapes and are afraid of seaside resorts. It is a rocky beach located inside a bird reserve. Perfect for nature lovers!

If you can arrange a boat trip, you can land on the island of Katarina and enjoy its stone beaches, which are also suitable for children, especially on the north side. As you can see, Rovinj is a complete town, certainly small and not very mainstream but charming and welcoming. It is perfect in the months from May to October when the sea is calmer, and ferry transport is more frequent.

How to get to Rovinj?

The fastest and easiest way to get to Rovinj is by ferry from Venice. Ferries are very frequent and the journey will be comfortable and fast. Most importantly, you will be able to visit both cities one after the other, indulging your eyes with beauty and culture. Here you will find all the ferry routes and fares from Venice to Rovinj, allowing you to organize your vacation conveniently from home.

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