Which CBD Vape Pen Is Better: Disposable Or Refillable?

Vape pens are one of those things in the cannabis market that are gathering immense attention and continuous applause. The popularity of vape pens is so robust that they have begun to overshadow every traditional method of cannabis consumption, and why not? CBD vape pen is compact, easy to use, and readily available. The only problem a person faces before using a vape pen is buying a rechargeable vape pen or a disposable one? We all have been there and know that it is not a good spot. With so many options and gazillion variations, it becomes a hassle to choose which one. Here, we will analyze a bit more about vape pens and which one to choose.

What is a CBD Vape pen?


A CBD vape pen is a device used to inhale CBD e-juice. CBD is one of those natural compounds that help in anxiety, pain relief, and depression and has many more health benefits. It has been popular for a long time. Its potential uses and benefits are also widely known and appreciated by people. However, the methods of consumption have been evolving and changing. The one trending the most right now is the Vaping method. You get a vaping pen, add your cannabinoid oil, and vape away. Furthermore, vaping pens usually come in different types: Disposable, Reusable, and pod vape pens.

How to compare these pens?

Vaping is an experience that requires a bit of iteration and understanding to get to the desired optimal effects. So a hit and trial method is something that you will have to go through to get your desired result.

  • Disposable Vape Pens – The most basic technology in the vape pen industry is the disposable one. You can opt for this one if you want something easy to use and hassle-free. A disposable vape pen is a good option for someone relatively new to the vaping business. They are as simple as vape pens come. Vape them, and then throw them away when you’re finished. The design of a disposable pen is such that the battery and cartridge expire together. So when you finish vaping, you can throw them away.
  • Reusable Vape Pens – You have probably guessed it till now. A reusable vape pen is something that you can use multiple times. Also, when we say reusable, we mean only the battery part is reusable. This part is reusable and eco-friendly. The cartridge or vape cart is manufactured from glass and comes pre-filled with cannabis oil. There are many different cartridges and vape pen designs, but the cylinder shape ones are the most popular.
  • The Pod System –   This one is a bit new and made from two primary components. The oil gets stored in the detachable cartridge and the ceramic in the heating element. It serves as a robust core for all vapes. A rechargeable battery powers the device. You can charge the battery with a typical USB charger. A pod system is usually sleek, tiny, and flat like a USB stick. 

Differences between these Vape Pens 

After researching and understanding the working of these vape pens to compare these vape pens, we need to distinguish them in order of their design, usage, cost, and environmental impact (we all care about nature!).

  • Design

The structure of a cartridge and a pod system is more intricate than disposable pens, as they are a bit harder to maneuver in terms of detaching parts. They are modular and have a cartridge, an oil chamber, and a non-changeable battery, making them heavier than disposable pens. Due to multiple components, it becomes intimidating for beginners to master the craft of using a cartridge or pod system. The design of a disposable pen is pretty basic. The absence of multiple components makes them smaller and lightweight. And the replacement part is the easiest one as you can throw away the old one and get a new one.

  • Usage

The usage of all types of vapes is pretty self-explanatory. However, cartridges and pods have strong heating capabilities that enable them to offer the users the option of maximizing their THC and CBD oil intake. Disposable pens do not offer these features and have little to no control over their cartridge and oil intake.

  • Environmental Impact

Everyone knows the impact of climate change and the destruction of natural resources in our day-to-day lives. So whenever you dispose of a pen, you also throw away a battery. And batteries are no good friends to the environment as they contain plastic pieces that take thousands of years to decompose unless an innocent animal misjudges the plastic to be food. Rechargeable batteries do not harm the environment as much as disposable ones do. As you always recharge the battery instead of throwing them away. You can also recycle the cartridge instead of throwing it away. You will only need to replace the battery once every few years.


 Disposable pens have no maintenance cost and a low buying cost than a cartridge or pod system. However, once exhausted, you have to dispose of it after use. If you want to use vape pens regularly, then disposable ones will irritate you after some time as you will have to make regular rounds to get your vaping needs. On the other hand, cartridges and pod systems will save you much money in the long term.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right vape pen depends on your purpose for buying in the first place. The ways can differ based on your preferences. Our take is to go for a cartridge or a pod if you want something long-term and good for the environment. If you are eager to save yourself money and are just going into vaping business as a once in a blue moon thing, you should opt for disposable pens. They are cheap, easy to use, and efficiently do the job. We want you to understand that the hero of your story is cannabis oil.

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