Who is the escape room game for?

Active activity

Escape rooms are an active way to relax because you are constantly in motion. You also have to keep an eye on the time, so you can’t move slowly in an escape house, which only adds to the fun. For those who prefer to play table games instead of just lazing around, escape room adventures could be a great choice!


The puzzles in escape room games usually require several people with different personalities, because teamwork is essential for success. Players must communicate with each other and help each other using their skills. Finally, solving tasks together is a positive experience, so you can always choose it as a team-building activity.

Brain teaser

Be prepared for escape room games to exercise the brain. Participants can swim in a sea of puzzles as they search for logical answers in different situations. In everyday life, we think according to familiar patterns, but games force us to think creatively.

Science also helps

It may sound unbelievable, but escape rooms are based on scientific background. Flow theory proves that people are truly happy when they focus on one thing and shut out the outside world. The theory is more complicated than that, of course, but one thing is for sure: people don’t feel their best when they are resting. Rather, it’s when you’re completely absorbed in something!

Suitable for beginners and experts alike 

No one should think that the game is too difficult for them, as there are different levels for beginners and advanced players. In truth, the harder and sweatier games are more suited for experienced players, but everyone will find a difficulty level that suits them best.

So who isn’t it for?

If the above feels completely alien to you, it’s possible you’d be less drawn to the world of escape rooms. But experience shows that if you try it with friends and get into the spirit of it, you’ll have a great time. The people we don’t recommend escape room games for are very young children. It is because playing for long periods may not keep them occupied. 

The ancestors of escape rooms can be considered computer games, where solving different tasks from each level takes you to the next level. In these games, logic tasks and objects help to solve the levels too. Escape rooms are more exciting because they are not played virtually but in reality. Trust me, everyone should try it once. Check out the website and choose from a selection of escape rooms: PanIQ Room Escape Rooms | Escape Rooms (paniqescaperoom.com)

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