Lipomas, should you be worried?

A lipoma is a simple lump of fatty tissue that grows under the skin, and whenever you touch them they seem to jiggle and move around. For the most part, you shouldn’t be worried about lipomas, because they aren’t painful and almost never cause any underlying health problems. However, some people do seek to have their lipomas removed, and there are a few different ways to have this done.

Here are some of the facts about lipomas, and if you need to get them removed by a dermatologist. 

What are lipomas and why do they happen?

If you have a round or oval-shaped lump of tissues beneath your skin, you might be worried. Even though it doesn’t cause any pain when you touch it, it can still be disconcerting. They can appear everywhere on the body, but are most common on the back, trunk (torso), arms, shoulders, and neck.

A lipoma is very benign and tend to grow very slowly, and most of them don’t need treatment. About 1 in every 1,000 people has a lipomas and they tend to happen between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. While most lipomas are harmless, for some people they can cause pain based on their location. If they develop near a joint or press against a nerve, then they can be uncomfortable and might need to be removed.

Painful lipomas are often a Angiolipoma, which contains both fat and blood vessels. Also, while most liposas are not cancerous in the slightest and will be harmless for you, the uncommon soft tissue cancer liposcarcoma can cause some problems. 

Liposarcoma, what you should worry about.

If you notice a lipoma on your body, then you should talk to a dermatologist or a doctor to have in inspected. Most lipomas are benign and will not harm your body at all. However, a liposarcoma takes the appearance of a lipoma but is actually a form of soft tissue cancer. These tumors tend to grow very slowly and don’t cause any pain, but can occasionally cause pressure on nearby organs.

Once a biopsy is done that takes a sample of the lipomas and reviews it to confirm the liposcarcoma is cancerous, then you need to have it treated. The cancer treatment tends to depend on the type of cancer, where it is on the body, and how far it has spread. Often, the treatments will include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and other medical treatments to remove the cancer.

Thankfully, liposaecoma is easy to treat and while you will still need to be treated and managed by a doctor in order to prevent the return of the cancer or its spread, it won’t cause any more problems for you.

How Is A Lipomas Removed?

If you decide that you want a lipomas removed for any reason, then you need to go to a lipoma removal london service and work with a qualified dermatologist. Often the lipoma removal is done through easy methods. For example, because they are just large lumps of fat under the skin, a doctor can simply cut one open and squeeze out all the excess fat. 

More significant lipomas will need to be removed with larger cuts, or might even need to be removed through liposuction. The doctor will make an incision into the skin as normal, but instead suck the excess fat out through a thin hollow tube. Then the cut skin will be sewed back up and the procedure will be done.

For a procedure like this, you will simply be put under local anesthisa and once the procedure is done the incision will be sealed up. You might get a scar out of the deal, and the surgery is a procedure that will be done in the same day.

Don’t Be Worried About Lipomas Unless Circumstances Cause You To Be

Lipomas is very common issue with the skin that turns out to be harmless 99% of the time. Make sure that you get any lipomases on your skin checked out by a dermatologist in order to make sure they are not cancerous, and if they aren’t then you will need to get it removed. Just don’t think that you can get away with not taking care of a lipomas, because if it does turn out to be cancerous you want to catch it early.

Otherwise these lumps of skin are nothing to be worried about, and you can just accept them as part of the things that make you, you!

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